CROSStrax and Google Chrome

CROSStrax and Google Chrome

Why CROSStrax and Google Chrome?

We consider CROSStrax and Google Chrome a match made at TIG! As an investigator, the days sometime drag on. After a long day in the field, you go home, write your report, and convert your video. The last thing you want to see, besides your check engine light of course, is an error code while you’re in the process of writing your report or uploading video to CROSStrax.

There are a plethora of reasons why your report fails to save itself or your video stalls out and doesn’t successfully upload to CROSStrax™. It can be pretty frustrating to say the least. Did you know the fix could be something as simple as the web browser you’re using?

Many of us struggle to remember the days of Mosaic (later Netscape) when it was THE Internet browser. However, as cliché as it is, with innovation comes competition. Everyone has his or her preferred Internet Browser for one reason or another and TIG is no different. Google Chrome is the “chosen one” for TIG. Most if not all of your troubles with uploading reports, documents, and media can be avoided by simply using Google Chrome when you are operating in CROSStrax™.

TIG chose Google Chrome for much of the same reasons people buy Volvo’s. Google Chrome offers the high level of security, gazelle like speed, and revered panache that other Internet browsers routinely daydream about. You buy a Volvo because of it’s safety, speed, and flamboyant confidence. TIG built CROSStrax™ around the Chrome platform for the exact same reasons.

Safety and Security

The private investigation community routinely manages Personal Identifiable Information (PII); therefore, choosing to build around one Internet browser allows our IT department to be very specific regarding safety protocols. For instance, think of a bank vault. Which is more secure, a vault with multiple steel doors or a vault with only one well-made steel door? A vault with one well-made door surely makes a safer vault, as the access points to the vault shrinks, the higher/tighter the security becomes.

Unrelenting Speed

We used to “come from a land down under, where women glow and men plunder.” Today we come from a world of high-speed Internet in a results oriented, “move-it or lose-it” culture.
Using Chrome, we have the unique ability to reach speeds normally reserved for the Autobahn. Chrome utilizes a multi-function foundation. This multi-function foundation means a slow site will not slow down the rest of your browsing. Instead, you can open another tab or window and continue on your search or task without sacrificing speeds. It does this by isolating each tab and window, meaning, you could upload your media on one tab and simultaneously upload your reports on another without a degradation in speed or fluency.

What in the World is Flamboyant Confidence? Panache, of course!

Americans are arguably the most vain society in the world. So this should come at no surprise. Chrome was built with one of the most streamlined user interfaces available. The design of Google Chrome makes you almost forget you are even using an Internet browser. This was an Ideal choice for TIG, as it opens up most of the screen for the content of the websites you are viewing, thus, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly website.

TIG is paving the way in investigative technology. As we grow, so will CROSStrax™, in an effort to make your jobs easier.