Data Support Services

Timely Results

Our DSS services are worked with tight deadlines and often are used to guide our more lengthily investigations to a successful completion.

Objective Findings

Unlike many aspects in the investigation industry, DSS maintains a detailed verification process that lead to objective, accurate findings.

Budget Friendly

DSS was formed with with quality, cost-effective risk mitigation in mind. All this while providing our clients with a way to identify potential problems at the onset of the investigation.

Progressive Workflow

Based on the massive availability of databases and Internet sources, including social media, data-driven investigations serve as our most progressive investigative process.

Common Services


• Activity Checks (Database Driven)
• Dependencay Checks (Database Driven)
• Alive and Well Checks (Database Driven)
• Background Investigations
• Civil Litigation History Investigations
• County Criminal Record Searches
• Criminal History Investigations
• Business License Investigations
• Contestable Claims Investigations
• Comprehensive Database Investigations

• Document Retrieval (In-house)
• Driving History and MVR Searches
• Due Diligence Investigations
• Financial Asset Searches
• Intermediate Death Investigations
• Locate Investigations/Skip Traces
• Medical and Lifestyle Canvasses
• Pre-employment Investigations
• FROI and Telephonic Statements
• Internet Mining Investigations


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