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The investigation of a claim in the field gives our customers the ability to confirm the validity of a claim and the circumstances surrounding causation and liability. We offer a full array of claim investigations, regardless of type, nature, complexity, or exposure and are qualified to handle every facet of the investigation. We work directly with our customers to develop specific investigation objectives to validate claims while reducing your risk.

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    Workers' Compensation

    Arising Out of Employment/Course of Employment (AOE/COE) is a Workers’ Compensation-based investigation to determine whether an employee’s alleged injury was work-related, non-industrial or affected by third parties.

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    Liability claims typically include property damage and/or personal injuries. A key component of a general liability investigation is
    the ability to gather facts that assist the client in determining the presence of negligence on the part of one or more of the parties involved in the loss.

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    TIG Risk Services’ automobile investigators use state-of-the-art technology to uncover the facts of a traffic event by determining the proper liability of insurers, participants, and other related parties.

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    Cause and Origin

    TIG Risk Services provides its clients with professional resources and expertise to investigate one of the world’s most destructive forces: Fire. Through our partnership with leading global investigators of fires and explosions in domestic, commercial, industrial, petrochemical, catering, retail, agricultural, marine, off-shore and transport environments, we have the ability to deliver services which investigate almost every type of fire known to man.

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    TIG Risk Services’ environmental capability is designed to minimize the impact of spills and contamination as well as support
    compliance with all environmental regulations and legislation.

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Experts in Claim Services

TIG Risk Services takes a holistic, systemic approach to reducing your total claim outcome. Our technology-driven claim programs, investigative and compliance services, and vendor management solutions centralize and standardize your counter-­fraud efforts, creating significant savings that improve your immediate and long-term efficiencies.

We offer structured programs for insurance carriers, self insureds, third-party administrators and employers throughout the United States. TIG Risk Services’ experienced claim staff is familiar with the insurance industry, claims process, payment requirements, is well versed in various fraud schemes and defenses, utilizes the most recent technology available to detect, prevent and investigate fraud. They are keenly aware of the prosecutorial process and what must be obtained for a successful prosecution.

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