Our field investigators are prepared with a detailed comprehensive report on the subject of each surveillance assignment. Few companies actually conduct a pre-surveillance check, they’re often times more concerned about profit over product.


Only experienced, licensed investigators are able to get you the results your, should be you are looking for. It’s all about clear and detailed observation and documentation of a person, place, or thing to gather facts that can be used to build a case or confirm a suspicion.


Nothing can deliver the kind of clear visual proof an HD picture can, and a clear picture will almost always stand up as evidence in court. Our automatic timestamps and 1st party GPS technology give you the peace of mind your assignment is being handled effectively.

National Coverage

TIG has local, regional and nationwide coverage for your all your investigative and surveillance needs. Whether the file is in California, Florida, Illinois or New York, TIG will work the file the same. We follow policies and procedures to make your experience as seamless as possible.

About Us

TIG Risk Services is a full services private investigative company that focuses on workers compensation and liability claims Nationwide. TIG is a risk mitigation company that helps clients investigate their fraudulent claims.

Our Services

Safeguarding Your Future Today


We protect critical areas, reduce losses, and strengthen your organization. At TIG Risk Services, seasoned investigators perform all our surveillance services.


We are your experts in providing the right solutions for workplace violence and potential threats.


TIG Premier Package helps to streamline your workflows and enhance collaboration with your clients.


DROP CAM is your solution for advanced surveillance. We offer effective monitoring, and our strategic camera placement ensures comprehensive coverage.


Liability concerns are something all business and property owners face.


TIG proudly offers the following SIU and Claim Services

Global Risk Mitigation

With over 100 years of combined risk management experience, we’ve developed a proprietary investigative methodology for breaking down the plethora of complex risks every organization faces. Our goal; to identify all categories of risk factors facing our clients.

Field Operations Unit

TIG maintains the finest staff of experienced investigators throughout the United States and the world. We have been called upon by the worlds largest corporations, insurance companies, and government agencies to perform a myriad of investigative services.

Our field staff is managed by a team of experienced and highly regarded Operation Managers. This management workflow adds another layer of good decisions and proper planning to ensure results on each assignment.

Data Support Services

If there’s a department within TIG that sets us apart from our competition, it’s our Data Support Services Team. By maintaining a data support department of well-trained, experienced, and professional investigators, TIG has been able to leverage the data and technology of the future with a solid investigative methodology from the past.

Some of our most successful investigations have included the services offered by our internal staff of licensed investigators.

Is There
We Can
Assist You

    Claims Assistance

    Leveraging Technology, Expertise
    And Common Sense

    Our staff of highly trained claims professionals can get you the information you need, immediately following a work-related injury.


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