Surveillance Services


Video documentation provides the best evidence available to identify fabricated or exaggerated claims, malingering claimants, or fraudulent activity. Our investigators are skilled experts able to escape the detection of the most educated claimants. Using the latest technology, TIG Risk Services’ investigators gather video evidence from the distance of a football field or as close as three feet, in any terrain or light condition. Any filming conducted will never violate an individual’s “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Prior to initiating surveillance, a thorough Background Investigation is always recommended.

Professional Grade Equipment

Undercover Surveillance Ready Vehicles
High-Definition Digital Video
Covert Cameras
Wireless Tablets

Pre-surveillance Preparation

Comprehensive Database Research
Social Internet Profile
Predictive Modeling Analysis
Undercover Surveillance Scheduling Review and Approval

Our Undercover Surveillance Staff

100% Full and Part-Time Staff 
College Education Preferred
Former Government & Military Operatives
Bi-Lingual & Demographically Prepared

Re-Defining Investigative Technology

1st Party GPS Investigator Tracking
Secure Streaming Video
Automated Internet Mining Investigations
Integrated Client and Investigator Metric Reports

Experts in Surveillance Services

  • Our investigators are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards when conducting surveillance services and all investigative operations.
  • Our investigators are well-versed in the judicial process and pre-pared to provide professional testimony in court.
  • TIG private investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including digital cameras, tablets and covert surveillance equipment.
  • Each surveillance assignment includes an established surveillance plan, a detailed preliminary investigation, videotaped documentation and a professionally-written report of all investigative findings.
  • TIG clients have 24/7 web access to surveillance case data, including electronic streaming video via our secure website.

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