Sandra Seymour

Sandra Seymour is the Senior Vice President of Sales for TIG Risk Services. Sandra started with TIG in August of 2020 and prior to joining she served as an Area Sales Manager for Genex Services. Sandra has a wealth knowledge in both sales, and worker compensation. With over 33+ years of experience, her success is driven through her ability to build and maintain genuine connections with her current and future clients.

Having started her career as a worker’s compensation claims associate and moving into sales, Sandra has spent the last three decades providing exemplary service to each of her clients. Through her previous work as Area Sales Manager, Sandra has cultivated the insight necessary to ensure revenue growth and client satisfaction. As an influential industry leader, Sandra is dedicated to promoting continuous business growth and fostering customer loyalty. Sandra’s distinguished career as a sales executive has proven that she excels at sales strategy often edging out her competition.

In her role as Vice President, Sandra is customer focused and displays exceptional leadership through her ability to lead teams and enhance the B2B experience. She is solution oriented and has been instrumental in strengthening TIG’s relationships with key partners and industry prospects.